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I couldn’t be happier with my Banta Box! As a violinist at the Broadway show, Lion King, it’s an absolute necessity to have my music supplies within arms reach. Pencils, white-out, erasers not fit on a music stand and that’s where this solidly made work of art comes into play. I also use a second one at home for my practice time. I don’t know what I’d do without them. Bravo Mr. Banta!

-Sean Carney

Lion King, NY

The Banta Box is my preferred stand-attached table setup, and is a must-have for doublers. It’s lightweight enough to be easily brought from gig to gig, which can’t be said of any percussion table equivalent. But it’s still sturdy enough that I trust it to hold my piccolo as well as my other small pieces of gear like my reeds, spare mouthpieces or clarinet barrels, and so on. Plus, you can customize it a little with the choice of felt color that lines the bottom, and that’s a fun detail. The Banta Box is a great piece of equipment and I can’t recommend it enough!

-Emily Pecoraro

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“Alden’s boxes are absolute works of art. I was lucky enough to be honored with a special serial number when my wife asked Alden to make me a Banta Box with a special floor inlay (Union Flag.) It really is a wonderfully eye-catching and well-made piece of artistry.“


-Simon Hutchings


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Pre-Covid I enjoyed my Banta Box, using it for pit show work. Now it lives on in my Zoom lesson accessories. Good for coffee mugs too! 

-Jenny Hill


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“Need a secure place to put your things while on the gig? Get a Banta Box! I’ve used at least one on every gig for the past decade.”

-Matt Lepek 

Aladdin, Gigi, Radio City Christmas Spectacular

Alden box Lepek testimonial 2.jpeg
Alden box photo 3 Resky.jpeg

Ryan Resky

Home studio. NY

Alden box photo 8 Willis v2.jpg

The Banta Box is superbly hand crafted. Rugged enough for the road

and stylish enough for Carnegie Hall!


- Dan Willis

Kinky Boots, Broadway NY, NY

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