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Banta Reeds

Handmade Basson Reeds

Keep on playin'

As a seasoned bassoonist, with 30 years of experience, my reed making style is a combination of my influences. Some of which include Dr. Jerry Voorhees, William Ludwig, Patricia Rogers and Kim Laskowski of The New York Philharmonic. My style is also informed by my interest in Louis Skinner’s Techniques which I learned from Per Hannevold at The Aspen Music Festival and Norman Hertzberg's Method’s of reed making. In addition, my experience teaching middle school through college students has given me insight into what students need from their reeds. My bassoon reeds begin with selection of good cane. All Banta Reeds start from tubes that are split, gouged, shaped, profiled and hand finished by me. I offer reeds from 5 different shapes, in three stages. These shapes are chosen for the specific qualities they yield. Each has been used by me personally over the years and cover a broad range of playing preferences. Each Banta Reed reflects a culmination of my dedication to craftsmanship and refinement. I’m thrilled to share my 3 decades of experience with you.

Alden Banta

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